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The People’s Choice Award: Hanna Satterlee

71: Hanna Satterlee

Create a site-specific immersive dance performance

Hanna Satterlee creates performance experiences and conceptual artworks for stage, site and film. Hanna holds degrees and certifications in dance therapy, psychology, performance, choreography, vinyassa/yin/restorative yoga, non-profit management and arts integration. Hanna shares these passions as an intergenerational educator, interdisciplinary performer + collaborator, experimental curator and event producer. Hanna holds a double BA in Dance/Psychology, Dance Therapy concentration, from Goucher College, and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. Since 2006 Hanna has been a dancer in many US companies and collaborative performance groups, has worked internationally as an independent artist, choreographer, and teacher, and has received many grants and awards to support her performance, dance film and curatorial work. Hanna is the founder of the Vermont Dance Alliance. Hanna just launched ANIMAL Dance, a performance and production company based in Burlington Vermont.

Project description

Working title= Sentient Spaces. Guiding question= How do spaces shape us?

This work will be a site-specific immersive dance performance, created for five professional contemporary dancers, myself and four others, in a location TBD in Burlington VT. Rehearsals begin November 2023, Work in Progress Showing March 2024, Premiere Performances June 2024. This project aspires to invite each participant to become fully aware of what is around them, and how each space, and the people in it, is affecting their experience. I intend to create moments in the performed choreography for the dancers to both interact with the audience, as well as instruct the audience to interact with each other and the space, allowing the audience an intimate participatory connection to the work. Who occupies the space around you? What is the feeling of being together? Being alone? Being with a small group in a large room or a large group in a tight space? By creating a performance that is immersive, roving and interactive, this project will bring members of the community into the same lived experience, connecting those that may not otherwise interact. By shifting bodies in space on this movement tour, the experience will give the community an entry point into embodiment, and a way to connect with once-strangers, in an intriguing and inviting way. I will create an atmosphere where the audience feels safe, but not numb; connected, affected, touched, curious. I intend for the performance to be part theatrical spectacle, part intimate movement ceremony, part task/treasure hunt, to create an immersive experience that stimulates visceral sensation in our viewers. This will be a performance to both see and to feel. The final outcome will invite any and all people in to see that dance is interwoven across differences, fortifying our community by offering up a dynamic visceral experience that is shared, that is playful, that is connective, that is living.

Media Sample 1

“Fire & Ash.” Exploring impermanence, transformation, and letting go, Fire & Ash is a film that follows the true story of VT artist JL in his terminal journey.

Media Sample 2

“Spaces.” Project matched architecture with cyclical choreography and used camera angles that ask the viewer to see both the space as well as the movement.

Media Sample 3

“Rockwell Kent’s Gesture.” Museum commission to create a performance based on the exhibit of Rockwell Kent’s prints- show was immersive and explored two floors of the museum.

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