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The People’s Choice Award: Edward Ransom

69: Edward Ransom

Create a debut album of original music

I am and have been a musician for over thirty years, playing guitar and performing. My music is my life, it is what I am known for and extremely passionate about. I love performing and creating my music, this is who I am. I have a broad range of musical interests such as bluegrass, rock and roll, blues, jazz and country. I want to be able to share this love of music with more members of the community as well as create my own original work and record my first album!

Project description

I am hoping that this grant will assist me with recording my first ever album to get my name out there and provide quality music that I am so passionate about. I want to share this gift with others in the community and possibly further my own musical career. I am hoping to purchase recording equipment to be able to do this in my home studio and to be able to book more performances by showcasing my new work on social media as well. This is important to me because this is who I am, music is my life and I love to have others enjoy what I create.

Media Sample 1

Older bluegrass ensemble.

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Desmond Peeples August 24, 2023