Vermont Arts Council

The People’s Choice Award: David Abair

1: David Abair

Create music videos for original songs

Since age 11 I’ve been playing music in bands. I’ve played in Vermont, lived and played in NYC, Germany, Florida, California, Hawaii. Cruise ships, resorts, weddings! Now I’m focusing on original music. I’ve been writing songs all my life. Some of the tunes are on YouTube but none have ever been officially released or promoted. I have around 20 songs I hope to be releasing one at a time over the next two years.

Media Sample 1

“This song is my reaction to all the pain in the world.”

Media Sample 2

“This song is about coming out of Covid.”

Media Sample 3

“This is my first attempt. The lighting is in need of help. Shooting video is new to me but I’m learning a lot.”


Desmond Peeples June 29, 2023