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The People’s Choice Award: Charlie Morrow

57: Charlie Morrow

Create “Agatha,” tragicomic opera based on life and stories of Agatha Christie

Composer, producer, sound and event designer. Born 1942 New Jersey USA. Lives in Barton, Vermont. Composes. designs and produces opera, streaming events, podcasts, sound environments for hospitals, workplaces, business spaces and public locations. Works together with Maija-Leena Remes.

Project description

“Agatha” is a two hour tragicomic opera in two acts, 18 scenes. It is based on the personal journey and stories of Agatha Christie. It’s in English with French and Finnish moments. It is both real and imagined, an interplay of persons and surprises with songs, 3D soundscapes and lively sounds by a Foley artist. Libretto Maija-Leena Remes, music Charlie Morrow.

Beating disappoint over and over inspired Agatha to create stories in which detectives uncover who has committed cold blooded murder. The detectives are unique, can even screw up.

As an active octogenarian composer producer, I wish the work to reach people of all ages, inspiring younger and older people to do creative work, as did Agatha Christie. She made her own path, although she had many set backs, reaching what some say is the greatest popularity of any writer. Her inners struggle revealed is central to Agatha, with a persistent encounter between her adult self and her child self. Agatha is the idea of librettist Maija-Leena Remes, who likes to watch the world as Christie did, and conveys the stories imaginatively.

Media Sample 1

“24 hours in 48 minutes. Comic chamber opera in Finnish for 2 dualing sopranos.”

Media Sample 2

“A celebration of Winter Solstice with performers around the world. Sample of Morrow’s streaming events. Agatha will be live locally streamed globally.”

Media Sample 3

“A song cycle for tenor voice and ensemble showing Morrow’s melodic style and sound work.”

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