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The People’s Choice Award: Blair Butterfield

16: Blair Butterfield

Publish a book of plant portraits featuring culturally significant species from the Amazon to the New Mexico Desert

Blair is an artist committed to the practice placed in the perspective of the Anthropocene. Her artwork has ecological, community, and scientific approaches. She is primarily interested in examining our evolving human relationship with nature. Her mediums are photography, video, and installation art, mainly in public places.

Project description

A photography book of unique Plant Portraits from the Amazon to the New Mexico Desert with plant profiles highlighting the significance of each species to people through its use in medicine, agriculture, spirituality, and economy. These profiles can be characterized as mini-ethnographies accompanying each Plant Portrait illuminating why we should revere and protect each species on this planet.

This publication aims to bring viewers up close and personal to each plant to learn how we are all connected. You might not realize that you are connected to the Amazon; from the cinnamon in your spice rack to the bananas on your counter, each of us plays a role in shaping our planet’s biodiversity.

Media Sample 1

“Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as ayahuasca”

Media Sample 2

“Cacao theobroma, AKA chocolate”

Media Sample 3

“Mayna parvifolium, a rare and unknown fruit”

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