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The People’s Choice Award: Arthur Hynes

38: Arthur Hynes

Create an immersive, multimedia installation experience of water

The taking of photographs and video, for me, is a celebration and, at the same time, an exploration of this incredibly beautiful, complex, diverse and abundant world. Through photography I gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world. The process of taking pictures reveals aspects of the world that I would not otherwise notice or appreciate.

Photography is also a way that I connect to other people and the world around me on a deeper level. The connection comes through the act of responding with a camera and then sharing those responses. That is the full cycle of the creative process- the artwork must be shared with the world or the cycle is incomplete.

My hope is that viewers will share my sense of celebration and exploration through the images and perhaps come away with a slightly different or broader perspective and appreciation of the world.

Project description

Being a Pisces, I have always loved being in, on, and around water — rivers, ponds, lakes, brooks and oceans (and soon, cenotes). For decades I’ve photographed water at every opportunity. Two years ago I began an exciting new project: taking high speed videos of water — both its surface and its depths. The results surprised, fascinated and mesmerized me. When played back at normal video speed, the high speed shots are transformed into slow motion. The ever-changing images revealed exquisite details of movement, light and energy that I’d never seen before — and are impossible to see with the unaided eye.
Combining these videos with sound and music creates magical results.

My project is to create an installation of these water videos projected onto one or more large screens, accompanied by large prints extracted from the videos. My intent is to immerse participants in a deeply moving experience of the
power, intelligence, complexity and healing ability of water. I envision spaces where participants linger in seats or on benches for the full effect, and don’t just walk through.

Media Sample 1

New Haven River 5 Views. “This is still images from a slow motion video of my favorite river in Vermont and I think it captures the magic and energy of the river.”


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