Vermont Arts Council

Reporting for Grantees

Your story—shared—advocates for the arts, demonstrates accountability, and reflects the essential role the arts play at the center of Vermont communities. The Council gathers this information through the grant-making process. Testimonials, letters to legislators, newspaper articles, and blog posts can all be effective. Images, videos, and sound recordings are easy and potentially powerful ways to show your work. Collect these items during the funded activity.

When preparing and sending images, videos, or audio files, record and include information about the names of the participants, the photographer’s name, and other important information to give appropriate credit. Print-quality images (images that are 1800 pixels or more on at least one side) are preferred. Be sure you have permission to use the images and videos from your participants.

sample photo release form

Final Reports

Final reports are due within 30 days of the completion of a funded project. Grantees will also be asked to submit information and documents that assist the Council with our reporting and accountability. When applicable:

  • save documents such as invoices and receipts
  • track and record the income and expenses for your project
  • track the number of people that are served by and participate in the project. This includes:
    • total number of people served
    • total number of youth served
    • number of artists participating
    • number of artists paid through the project
admin-place January 17, 2020