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Spotlight Gallery

Featuring rotating exhibits by Vermont artists, the Council's gallery is located in the corridor and conference room of the offices at 136 State Street in Montpelier. The space is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. with the corridor available every day. The conference room is closed Tuesdays until noon, and at other times when the room is occupied. (Feel free to call 802.828.3291 to see if the entire show is available when you plan to visit.)

Conduits: A Show with Three Artists. Richard Heller, Rachel Portesi, Liz Hawkes deNiord


September 6-October 31, 2019

Three artists (Liz Hawkes deNiord, Richard Heller, and Rachel Portesi) with divergent expressions convene to complement and explore underlying realities in their art. Two painters and a wet plate collodion print photographer challenge the viewer to engage with the works, discovering connected meaning beyond what is seen.

Hawkes deNiord’s many-layered paintings and clay forms extract a luminescence where the surface is only part of all that engages the viewer. A penultimate inner glow from the second-to-last layer as well as the pentimento of scraped and scarred surfaces reveal a deep engagement with the building of a painting.

Heller’s exquisite, deeply patterned rhythmical oils are pushed so far that the parts exceed the whole. Standing before one of his paintings is akin to falling into space or oceans; they are thickly layered and visually consuming.

Portesi’s collodion print photography, a haunting mid-nineteenth-century technique, engages viewers in her subject’s intimate and surreal gaze with an elegant cacophony of tangles spread across the print.

All three artists work to create a conduit for inspired expression.

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