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Spotlight Gallery

Featuring rotating exhibits by Vermont artists, the Council's gallery is located in the corridor and conference room of the offices at 136 State Street in Montpelier. The space is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. with the corridor available every day. The conference room is closed Tuesdays until noon, and at other times when the room is occupied. (Feel free to call 802.828.3291 to see if the entire show is available when you plan to visit.)

July 12 to August 30, 2019

SiteTime : Cordwood : Sharing

This multimedia exhibition is assembled by Erika Senft Miller, Nancy Winship Milliken, and Michael Zebrowski. Photographs, video, sound, virtual-reality timelapse, prints, drawings, and three logs create the show. The ephemera was captured, collected, and created during the two-year exhibit in the Vermont Arts Council Sculpture Garden, SiteTime : Cordwood. Both exhibits are about exploring process and change relevant to place and time. The artists worked collaboratively to carefully document the stages and actions that composed the change. The artwork is found in this change and in the dialog the artists had in considering how to elevate a mainstay in Vermont culture, the processing of cordwood for heating a home.

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