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Legislative Arts Caucus

What is the Legislative Arts Caucus?

Photo of the Montpelier, VT Statehouse

The Legislative Art Caucus was formed to:

  • advise the Arts Council and its constituents about legislative issues affecting arts policy and budgets
  • inform legislative colleagues about the benefits of the arts in Vermont and provide leadership on arts policy
  • promote a legislative agenda for the arts and build consensus around arts budget and policy issues

The Arts Council will:

  • advise the Legislative Caucus about issues important to Vermont’s arts community so that members are well prepared to report to the legislature about the arts
  • provide data that substantiates the role of the arts in economic productivity, educational success and community well-being
  • inform constituents about efforts being pursued by legislators to put art and culture at the center of Vermont community life
  • provide an in-house forum through which issues and concerns about Vermont’s culture and heritage may be discussed and policies formulated

Vermont's Legislative Arts Caucus Members 2017





Sen. Becca Balint Brattleboro Windham Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Education; Senate Rules Sexual Harassment Panel; Joint Rules; Legislative Committee on Judicial Rules; Workforce Development Council
Rep. John Bartholomew Hartland Windsor-1 Agriculture and Forestry
Rep. Bill Botzow Bennington Bennington-1 Commerce and Economic Development
Rep. Mollie Burke Brattleboro Windham-2-2 Transportation
Sen. Alison Clarkson Woodstock Windsor Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Government Operations; Sexual Harassment Panel; Legislative Committee on Judicial Rules
Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas Bradford Orange-2 Health Care; Legislative Council
Rep. Peter Fagan Rutland Rutland-5-1 Appropriations; Joint Fiscal
Rep. Martha "Marty" Feltus Lyndonville Caledonia-4 Appropriations; Clean Water Working Group
Rep. Mary Hooper Montpelier Washington-4 Appropriations; Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee
Rep. Mitzi Johnson South Hero Grand Isle-Chittenden Health Reform Oversight; Joint Rules; Legislative Council
Rep. Jill Krowinski Burlington Chittenden-6-3 Transportation; Rules; Joint Rules
Rep. Diane Lanpher Vergennes Addison-3 Appropriations; Vermont Child Poverty Council
Sen. Richard McCormack Bethel Windsor Appropriations; Health and Welfare; Government Accountability Committee; Vermont Child Poverty Council
Rep. Alice Miller Shaftsbury Bennington-3 Education
Rep. Mary Morrissey Bennington Bennington-2-2 Corrections and Institutions
Rep. Michael Mrowicki Putney Windham-4 Human Services
Sen. Alice Nitka Ludlow Windsor Appropriations; Judiciary; Joint Committee on Judicial Retention; Canvassing Committee
Rep. Carolyn Partridge Windham Windham-3 Agriculture and Forestry
Rep. Albert "Chuck" E. Pearce Richford Franklin-5 Education
Rep. Ann Pugh South Burlington Chittenden-7-2 Human Services; Joint Legislative Child Protection Oversight Committee
Rep. Heidi Scheuermann Stowe Lamoille-1 General, Housing, and Military Affairs
Sen. Michael Sirotkin South Burlington Chittenden Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Finance; Judicial Retention; Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules
Rep. Tom Stevens Waterbury Washington-Chittenden General, Housing, and Military Affairs
Rep. Valerie Stuart Brattleboro Windham-2-1 Commerce and Economic Development
Rep. George Till Jericho Chittenden-3 Ways and Means; Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board
Rep. Tristan Toleno Brattleboro Windham-2-3 Government Operations; House Rules; Joint Rules
Rep. Catherine "Kitty" Toll Danville Caledonia-Washington Appropriations; Joint Fiscal
Rep. Kate Webb Shelburne Chittenden-5-1 Education