Vermont Arts Council

Highlighting Vermont Arts Events

In Vermont, the arts are as much a part of life as fall foliage, hiking and skiing, cheese, and craft brews. It is the work of artists and arts organizations to create that culture; it is the work of the Arts Council to shine a light on what you do.

Join other arts organizations and presenters across the state for Vermont Arts 2016—a statewide marketing campaign that promotes Vermont arts across the region throughout the year.

student group reaching up

youth at the Governor’s Institute on the Arts, Castleton


Increase your reach

Throughout 2016, the Council will:

  • drive traffic to the Vermont Arts Calendar. Thousands search the web for Vermont arts and land here; many looking for an event just like yours
  • highlight your events in weekly targeted e-mails sent to 4,000 arts lovers and arts supporters
  • use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to drive traffic to, where your activities are featured
  • advertise Vermont Arts 2016 via print, radio, and TV (including Vermont Life, VPR, and Vermont PBS)
  • work with regional and national media to promote Vermont as an arts destination

Get Started

First: add an event to the Vermont Arts Calendar. Next: submit a request to be a part of Vermont Arts 2016. If your event is already in the calendar, just complete this form.event submitted message

Then, link your website to Vermont Arts 2016. Use #VTarts2016 to shout it out on social media. Use logos from the press room. Announce that you are a part of Vermont Arts 2016 at performances. Distribute window stickers. Spread the word!


Vermont Arts 2016 activities will be arts and culture events in Vermont. Communities, schools, and artists may all participate. The activity must be open and available to the public. Events that are primarily fundraisers are not eligible. Submissions must be made four weeks prior to the event.

Get a Season Pass

Do you have six or more events each year? Apply for a Vermont Arts 2016 Season Pass when you submit your first event. If approved, all your organization’s submissions to the calendar will be automatically be added to Vermont Arts 2016. 

Season Pass Requirements

Season Pass holders are required to:

  • build a link from their site to the Vermont Arts 2016 page
  • refer to Vermont Arts 2016 in pre-event press and social media
  • display the Vermont Arts 2016 logo on printed programs and related web content
  • verbally acknowledge at the event, when possible, that this activity is part of Vermont Arts 2016—a project of the Vermont Arts Council
  • distribute Vermont Arts 2016 window stickers
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