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Classified Ad: Auditions for Hammered - A Thor & Lok Play by Christian Borle

Posted: February 13, 2020
Category: Auditions
End Date: February 23, 2020


All Superpowers Welcome!
Main Street Arts audition call for..
Hammered - A Thor & Loki Play by Christian Borle
Based on the Marvel Comics by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber & Jack Kirby

Friday, February 21 from 6-8 pm
Saturday, February 22 from 3-5 pm

A contemporary, short play full of adventure, heart and humor.
As Thor struggles with the stress of final exams, his brother Loki finds himself under a different sort of pressure. Neither are beneath pranks in the endless competition for their parents’ favor. But underneath all the thunder and mischief, these two Princes of Asgard discover a bond that will last millennia.

This play is intended for young audiences but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Time Period: Contemporary, Present Day, New Millennium/21st Century, The Future
Duration: 45-50 minutes
Setting: Earth, The Cosmic Void, Asgard
Additional Features: Stage Combat
Features / Contains: Fantasy Costumes
Director: Annesa Hartman​
​Audition Dates
Friday, February 21 from 6-8 pm
Saturday, February 22 from 3-5 pm
Click on the links below for additional information"

Play Overview
More About Hammered
​Show / Rehearsal Commitments
Show / Rehearsal Commitments
Performed as part of Main Street Art’s Great River Theater Festival, 2020
July 10-12 and July 16-19(number of shows, days/time of performance for the festival to be determined)Rehearsals will start end of May up to show time, approximately 2-3 rehearsals a week (weekend nights and/or weekends)

Audition Preparation
All are welcome and encouraged to audition. This play is fairly new, and scripts can be difficult to find, so we will do cold readings from the script as part of the audition. If you do have a favorite monologue that highlights your skills, please come and share! Auditionees are asked to attend one of the audition times for the full session.

(any gender)

COMIC BOOK GEEK – High-school underclassman. May double as LOKI. Male identifying.
JOCK – High-school upperclassman. May double as THOR. Male identifying.
YEARBOOK EDITOR – High-school upperclassman, scholarly, focused on the future. May double as SIF. Female identifying.

THOR ODINSON – God of Thunder, nearing the end of his millennia-long life. May double as ODIN. Male identifying.
ATLI – Thor's youngest granddaughter, a hellcat. May double as CUL. Female identifying.
ELLISIV – Thor's middle granddaughter, a nurturer. May double as HEIMDALL. Female identifying.
FRIGG – Thor's eldest granddaughter, the pragmatist. May double as HOENIR. Female identifying.

THOR – Teenage God of Thunder, son of Odin and Freyja. Male identifying.
LOKI – Teenage God of Mischief, Thor’s younger adopted brother. Male identifying.
FREYJA – Queen of Asgard, Master of Courtly Etiquette, mother of Thor and Loki. Female identifying.
ODIN – King of Asgard, father of Thor and Loki. Male identifying.
FANDRAL – Thor’s dashing cad of a pal. May double as FORSETI. Male identifying.
VOLSTAGG – Thor’s friend, his appetite as big as his heart. Male identifying.
SIF – Thor’s headstrong best friend. Female identifying.
HOGUN – The book-smart puppy of Thor’s gang of friends. Male identifying.
THE HERALD – Royal announcer (would that Gilda Radner or Don Knotts were still alive…). Any gender.
HEIMDALL – Seer of All, Master of History. Any gender.
HOENIR – Master of Runeology. Any gender.
FORSETI – Master of Mathematics. Any gender.
CUL – Master of Combat. Any gender.

If you plan to audition and/or have questions, please let us know at or 802-869-2960

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