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Classified Ad: Tacos & Teaching Artists

Posted: June 8, 2019
Category: Classes/Conferences/Webinars
End Date: June 24, 2019


Tacos & Teaching Artists is back!

JUNE 24 / 5-7pm / MONTPELIER

Hosted by the Community Engagement Lab | With Eric Booth, Judy Bose & Paul Gambill


Please join us for a fun and delicious networking-dinner-workshop-brainstorming-support-group kind of event on June 24th at 5-7pm at the new Garage Cultural Center in Montpelier.

First, we will munch and mingle for about 45 minutes over tacos, beer and wine in the beautiful Garage Cultural Center, in downtown Montpelier.

Then, we will dive into a workshop featuring four teaching artists who have school- or community-based projects that they want to launch, but are stuck on the ground.

  • How do I get the momentum going that my project needs in order to soar?
  • You have an awesome project in mind for young people, but are striking out on getting connected into a school or afterschool program.
  • You’re through the first couple of phases of your project, but need a partner with a specific skill set and are now stuck trying to identify and recruit that person.
  • You have a fantastic project idea, but can’t seem to get the community connections in place that will help secure a space and ensure the amount of community participation you want to make it really impactful.

Whatever those things are that could help your project take flight, we want to help get you over that hump and into an action plan for success.

Send your project idea, in a couple short paragraphs, to CEL Executive Director Paul Gambill at At the end of your short project description, describe the one or two things that you could use help with that would lift your project into full implementation. Since funding is always a factor, let’s not consider funding issues for this workshop, so identify other types of support or resources that you need in order to succeed.

We will select four projects for brainstorming. Each TA will be given 3-minutes to describe their project and resource gap(s) to set up the brainstorming sessions.

After breaking into smaller groups around each project, we will dive into a brainstorming protocol to reveal solutions and identify resources for getting your project launched.

The evening will conclude with a share-out from each project group of the ideas and resources they identified for advancing the projects.

Those projects not selected for a brainstorming session will be shared on a handout so we can all see what our colleagues are working on, and connect individually with each other to offer supportive resource ideas.

This is about learning from each other, understanding shared challenges, and strengthening our connections to the resources and ideas that we all need to advance our work and be more impactful in our communities.

$5 donation requested for the Taco bar and beer/wine.

Limited to 30 participants.

To reserve your spot REGISTER HERE:

Hope to see you on the 24th!

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