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Classified Ad: Seeking a Place in Burlington to Practice Drums

Posted: February 11, 2019
Category: Space Wanted/Available
End Date: August 10, 2019


Hello Everyone:

I want to get back to drumming in a serious way! I own a good basic set, and simply need a place where I can go to practice whenever I can do so, around several days per week. The closer the space is to me, the more time I plan to spend being there. (I live in the New North End.) My ultimate plan is to seek a number of other musicians, and form a type of classical music / rock music band in this region. My funds are limited, so I am hoping to barter my services for such a space. I have taught college English in five states, and hold my Ph.D in Literature. I also have expertise in knowledge about Classical Music, and the Cinema.

I will appreciate your contacting me if you have any space, or ideas, about where I can locate what I am seeking.
Truly, Charles


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