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I am a Vermont Artist

A collage of artists from the I am a Vermont Artist seriesThe "I am a Vermont Artist" series explores how artists' creative expressions reflect their experiences of ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, or age. Covering all artistic disciplines, and a range of backgrounds—from New Americans to the state's first residents—we hope to amplify voices that deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Vermont artist.

Read the series archive on our blog, or see our artist index below.

Do you know of an artist who should be featured in this series? Fill out this suggestion form to let us know. Featured artists usually have a demonstrable body of work and at least one media mention. While we cannot guarantee that we will reach out to every submitted contact, we are grateful for any opportunity to connect with creative Vermonters.

Artist Index

Amber Skye Arnold
LN Bethea
Larry Bissonnette
Bryan Blanchette
Dr. Scarborough François Clemmons
Will Kasso Condry
Rajnii Eddins
Samirah Evans
Bill Forchion
Shanta Lee Gardner
Jarvis Green
Amy Hook-Therrien
John Hughes
Lina Longtoe
Toby MacNutt
Muslim Girls Making Change
Jericho Parms
Desmond Peeples
Hom Pradhan
Deidra Razzaque
Alexa Rivera
Toussaint St. Negritude
Isadora Snapp
Shani Stoddard
Migmar Tsering
Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees
Cai Xi
Sachiko Yoshida