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Arts Calendar: Chittenden County

Thursday, December 7, 2017

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HOTBALL: A New Vermont MuSICKal

HOTBALL: A New Vermont MuSICKal

by Geof Hewitt & David Schein
Directed by David Schein
Featuring; Dana Block, Monica Callan, Geof Hewitt, David Klein, Donny Osman, David Schein and Jeff Tolbert

HOTBALL is an apocalyptic jugband "muSICKal" set in the not-too-distant & all-too-weird present, featuring 12 songs, squirrel puppets & a cast of actor-musicians.

It’s a blizzard in June at Chaz’s gas station/herb farm, somewhere up North between Burch and Mulard and the snow is coming down like Jell-O shots. Chaz’s old band mate, Logo, seeking shelter, knocks on the door but Chaz doesn’t want to let him in; they haven’t talked for twenty years, since the night of the Herpsvaburger Barn Fire, the night that Becca Bogey mysteriously disappeared. Foul play was, and is, suspected. Meanwhile, constant changes in the weather have the neighborhood squirrels frustrated; they don’t know when to mate, build a nest, have a litter or what? When Oily Herpsvaburger, the third member of ‘the worst band that ever came out of Mulard, “Hotball,”’ shows up, everyone knows that supernatural forces are at work. And when Nor’Man, the Innuit, lands with his helicoptor and the Woman in the Ski Mask with the all-too-familiar tattoo arrives and Chaz’s ex-wife, Trudi, floats in on a cow, the ball starts rolling uphill. From blizzard to flood to drought to fire, disasters compile until 12 songs later, Chaz steps out into a vastly altered landscape, more like Pompeii, (or more recently -Santa Rosa) than the green hills of Mulard that he has known and loved and from which he has never been able to escape. And the squirrels, being squirrels, get it on.

Geof Hewitt is one of Vermont’s best known poets and a much beloved teacher of writing. David Schein is a Vermont native who has made theater all over the world. Geof and David met in the sixties at the University of Iowa Writer’s workshop and since then have collaborated on numerous projects – the Enosburg Medicine Show, The Actualist Conventions in Berkeley , Vermont Poets on Tour, and teaching together at the Vermont Governor’s Institute on the Arts. HOTBALL features well-known Vermont performers Dana Block, Monica Callan, David Klein and Donny Osman and Jeff Tolbert as well as Hewitt and Schein. The staging is open, with funky songs, sweet harmonies and broad and timely comedy. The entertainment temperature will be scorching when HOTBALL burns down the house, starting December 1st at Off Center. Don’t miss it.

Picture: L to R ¬ David Klein, Jeff Tolbert, Donny Osman, Geof Hewitt, David Schein, Monica Callan, Dana Block,
Photo: David Schein

Note time changes - Fri and Sat Dec 1,2 and 8,9 @ 7:30 PM, Sunday Dec 3 & 10 @ 2PM

Time: 12/1/17 7:30pm - 12/10/17 10:00pm
Location: Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, Burlington
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Imagining Home

Imagining Home Vermont Arts 2017

Imagining Home, presents innovative home design born of collaboration between community members dealing with homelessness and prominent local architects. Seven unique individuals each with their own story to tell, shared intimate details of their struggles and resilience with socially engaged architects who value the opportunity to hear directly from those in our community affected by homelessness. 
Imagining Home presents the original designs resulting from this process of discovery.

Participating Architects include: Rolf Keilman, Truex Cullins; Michael Wisniewski, Duncan Wisniewski Architecture; Terry Findeise; John McLeod + Stephen Kredell, McLeod Kredell Architecture;
Jesse Couture + Ken Ferrer, Linesync Architecture; and GBA Architectecture and Planning

Time: 11/3/17 5:00pm - 12/15/17 5:00pm
Location: Fletcher Free Library - Main Reading Room, Burlington
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Of Land and Local

Of Land and Local Vermont Arts 2018

Of Land and Local celebrates its fifth year at the BCA Center & Shelburne Farms. 16 new and returning artists further explore last year’s watershed focus bringing a fresh perspective to this important topic.

The exhibit explores how issues relating to the watershed fit within a domestic and global context. Themes investigate ideas of place, conservation, commodification, and water’s cultural role within our community.

Exhibition Dates:

Shelburne Farms (Coach Barn): October 5 - October 29, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, October 5 • 5-8 p.m.

BCA Center: October 20 - January 7, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, October 20 • 6-8 p.m.

Exhibiting Artists
Charlie Bluett, Brian Collier, Georgie Friedman, Hope Ginsburg, Rebecca Hutchinson, Elliott Katz, Katie Loesel, Elizabeth Nelson, Don Ross, James Scheuren, Jessica Scriver, Lynn Sullivan, Naoe Suzuki, John Willis, Nancy Winship Milliken, and Mary Zompetti

Location: Burlington City Arts, Burlington