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Arts Calendar: Chittenden County

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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"Birding by the Numbers" Community Art Show

"Birding by the Numbers" Community Art Show

What would ornithology be without math? How do artists integrate a sense of number with the wonder of birds?

Inspired by these questions (and more), we sought works that might express the art of math, bridging the real and imaginary, with birds silly and significant. We call it Birding by the Numbers and invite you to visit.

Daily Through October • 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Included with Museum Admission (free for members)

Artists include:
Brian Machanic
Carol MacDonald
Carol McDowell
Carol Talmage
Claudette Eaton
Colin Talmage
Elizabeth Spinney
Jackie Mangione
Judy Dow
Katherine Guttman
Katherine Moran
Kerry and Linda Hurd
Kimberly Sultze + Jon Hyde
Kir Talmage
Linda Di Sante
Meg Walker
Nancy Stone
Nancy Tomczak
Rachel Grossman
Stephanie Leap
Tina Valentinetti

(Image: a portion of Judy Dow's "Birds in My Backyard" quilt, copyright © Judy Dow. Used by permission)

Location: Birds of Vermont Museum, Huntington