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Friday, January 11, 2019

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Roots - Paintings by TJ Cunningham

Roots - Paintings by TJ Cunningham

Solo Exhibition-
Roots: Paintings by TJ Cunningham

151 Main Street • Stowe, Vermont • 802.760.6785 Contact: Kelly Holt ​
On view: December 1, 2018 - January 11, 2018

Edgewater Gallery in Stowe announces a welcoming home, solo exhibition by TJ Cunningham aptly titled, ​Roots. T​he exhibition will be on view from December 1st through January 11th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 7 from 5-7pm. There will be an artist talk at 6pm. Cunningham inspires with his thought provoking landscapes of his native home, Addison, Vermont. Cunningham recently reflected on his upbringing in Vermont, and the powerful feelings of place as it relates to his art "One of my earliest, childhood memories is of an evening walk in November as woodsmoke wafted from the chimneys of my boyhood town. I remember the sharp feeling of cold air in my nostrils accompanied by the gentle smell of Vermont’s long heating season...The scent of woodsmoke always conjures those feelings of contented peace...More and more when I paint the landscape, I am searching for a similar experience; however, unlike smell, painting is an abstract language with a series of shapes, colors, and textures that together bring meaning... These are the places that mean the most to me; they are the scenes that evoke all of the joy and longing connected to my thoughts of home. They are my roots."

Known for his depth and layering of oil colors, majestic Vermont skyscapes, stretching farmlands, and meandering river waters, Cunningham once again delivers the scenes we recognize as the quietude of true homeland in this exhibition.

Cunningham received his formal training at Pensacola Christian College. He enjoys connecting with living artists in his travels, whose techniques he studies and whose work Cunningham follows and admires. The artist works directly in the landscape and from plein air studies in his studio in Tennessee. He teaches plein air painting workshops in several locations across the United States. Cunningham’s work is exhibited and collected nationwide, as well as in Europe.

For further information on ​Roots​, please call Edgewater Gallery in Stowe at 802.760.6785, email, or visit

Edgewater Gallery in Stowe, Stowe