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Arts Calendar: Photography in Northern Vermont




Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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OF LAND AND LIGHT: Photography of Jim Westphalen

OF LAND AND LIGHT: Photography of Jim Westphalen

West Branch Gallery is proud to present the emotive, nostalgic pigment prints of Jim Westphalen.
One can visit the same scene many times and feel different emotions each time. Why? Jim captures the fleeting light play which changes hourly, daily, seasonally, and brings us personally into the landscape and deep into our memories.
The images in this body of work were very deliberately planned and created with a particular type of light in mind, thus telling a very particular story within each image.
Inspired by painters Andrew Wyeth, A. Hale Johnson and Edward Hopper, Westphalen creates imagery in which weather, light and composition come together with a painter’s eye. These transportive images take us to a place of escape, renewing an appreciation for this beautiful land that we call Vermont.

6/1/19 10:00am - 8/4/19 5:00pm

West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Park, Stowe