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Arts Calendar: Class/Workshop/Camp

Due to the frequency of event cancellations during the COVID-19 crisis, we cannot guarantee that events listed in our calendar are current. Please confirm with the listed venue before attending.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Vacation MakerCamp at Green Mountain Performing Arts

Vacation MakerCamp at Green Mountain Performing Arts

The Why
Out-of-school learning programs in the summer months provide critical support and enriching experiences for children and teens.
A safe, healthy environment over the summer weeks can make all the difference in a child’s inner and outer well-being. The opportunity to discover or pursue passions is invaluable.
Self-confidence soars as collaborative abilities strengthen during camp experiences that develop age-appropriate skills.
The How
Get absorbed in imaginative, creative projects that whiz, buzz, jitter, wobble, wiggle, blink, and shine.
Learn about electrical circuitry and take away items that you may wish to continue working on at home
The What
Participants may choose to integrate their creations into video expressions that can be filmed and edited to include sound and animations.
With a wide variety of materials and digital media, this program experience will include construction of cardboard pinball machines, simple robots, and simple electronic wearable items.
Both an imaginative and creative outlet for vacation fun AND a structured opportunity to use building tools and follow a progression of skill-building.
We will build small robots, hack into electronic toys, and create wearable electronics such as bracelets, hats, hairbands, etc.
To learn about electrical circuitry, we'll use LEDs, coincell batteries and conductive materials such as thread, paint, and electro-dough.
We'll use hobby motors, alligator clips, and battery packs, and more.
We may even use a sewing machine, a soldering iron, or a dremel -- maybe even all three.

2/26/18 9:00am - 8/25/18 3:00am

37 Commercial Street, Waterbury