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Vermont Film and Folklore Festival

May 23 - May 26

poster for film festival with an owl

The Vermont Film & Folklore Festival is a celebration of the art of storytelling.

Film is the universal contemporary medium which simulates experiences and communicates images, ideas, stories, and emotions through the use of moving images. Folklore is the traditional medium of poems, myths, legends, and tales shared by a group of people. “Folk” is a social group and “lore” means instruction. These now include things people make with words (verbal lore), things they make with their hands (material lore), and things they make with their actions (customary lore). Both film and folklore live and thrive within community.

Through film, writing, art, poetry and spoken word, VFFF’s mission is to serve the people of southern Vermont by creating an annual event which underscores the importance of storytelling to illustrate who we are, to share our values, and to nurture community. Our festival aims to discover new voices and to shine a spotlight on some of the most talented storytellers of our time. Honoring and reveling in storytelling is VFFF’s primary role; this festival will, for the first time, bring filmmakers together with traditional storytellers to showcase their shared lineage… from a spellbinding tale around a campfire to the IMAX thunderdome experience.

We’d love for you to join us!