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Vermont's Creative Sector: A Resource Guide for Covid-19 Reopening and Recovery

The following reopening guidelines were compiled by the Vermont Arts Council, the Vermont Creative Network and the Vermont Creative Sector Response and Recovery Team. They are synthesized from the State of Vermont restart guidelines; other states’ creative sector guidelines, specifically Connecticut, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and South Carolina; and arts and culture professional and industry associations. The Guide is a dynamic document and continues to undergo updates as warranted.

How to use this guide

While we are still a long way from any return to normal, the purpose of this guide is to serve as a resource for arts and cultural organizations in Vermont as they make decisions about operations and programming while the Covid-19 pandemic persists. Guided by principles of placing health and safety first and a dynamic approach that responds to changing conditions, these guidelines are designed to aid organizations as they navigate questions around reopening in accordance with the guidelines of both the state and federal government.

The guidelines are a starting point. They will need to be adapted to the needs of specific organizations and with guidance from industry-specific professional association.

State of Vermont Stay Safe, Stay Smart
The State of Vermont has established Mandatory Health and Safety Protocols for all businesses, non-profits and government operations in order to prevent future outbreaks and limit the spread of Covid-19.

The State of Vermont’s requires the posting of materials to remind employees and visitors to practice proper hygiene and screen themselves. Click here to find the required signage on the ACCD website.

This COVID-19 Resource Guide is intended to provide information to those in the arts and culture sector and other interested parties and to assist with guidelines provided by the State of Vermont. However, the reopening of any arts venue, program, experience, office, studio, gallery, or any other facility, program, or product, is ultimately the sole decision, and responsibility, of the leaders of a given arts, cultural or creative sector entity. Adherence to all local, state, or federal laws, orders, guidelines, codes, or other regulation is the responsibility of individual entities and is assumed in this document.

What to consider


Employee and Volunteer Health and Safety


Patron Health and Safety


Patron Education


Specific Sector Guidance


Additional Resources