Vermont Arts Council

Excessive Measures

Dripping. With. Excess…Excessive Measures seeks multi-faceted artworks that explore those times where things go over the line; way over the line. Artwork could be over the top, complex, OCD, gaudy, rude, flashy, grandiose, drastic, primadonna, disproportionately-sized, busy, and mouthy, in-your-face, pissed off at the world, overblown.  When people say things like “follow best practice”, and use dumbed down language, does this make you cringe inside? Do you dislike monotony and the status quo? Just know you’re not alone; it’s time to let it all out.

Excessive Measures also encourages works that explore America’s culture of excess, vanity, greed, and extremes.

For Full Details and To Apply, Visit:

We accept artwork from any medium*, including Student, Emerging, Mid-Career, and/or Professional Artists.  Work should follow and/or challenge the theme of the exhibit, can be evocative, and above all, should be attractive for audiences and collectors.   Sculptural and 3D works are encouraged to apply.

(*We unfortunately cannot show video art at this time, but please inquire)

“Excessive Measures” In-Person Opening Reception will be held Saturday, August 26th.  A second mid-show event is also TBD.  The show runs to October 1st.
About the Gallery:

Vestige Concept Gallery specializes in curated monthly mixed exhibition opportunities that appeal to a diverse range of artists, audiences, and buyers. Located in Lawrenceville, the new cultural heart of Pittsburgh, PA, the Gallery seeks to showcase the best of emerging and professional artist talent from across North America, and sell work at affordable prices through promotions and in-person events.