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Community Sculpture Walk: Call for Sculptures

The Watertown Public Arts and Culture Committee (PACC) is excited to announce the second year of the Community Sculpture Walk. The Community Sculpture Walk will exhibit public sculptures to enhance use of green space in Watertown, encourage public interaction with contemporary art, and create an annual exhibition opportunity for artists at all career stages working in a variety of mediums.

The Community Sculpture Walk follows the Community Path from the parking lot behind the Watertown Free Public Library to Waverly Avenue. There are eight sites along the path for sculptures and additional sites may be added as the path is extended. Each year, four sculptures will be selected to be on loan for two years, so that each year four new sculptures will be on view.


Selected artists will be awarded $2,000 for the two-year loan of their sculpture. Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the Watertown Community Sculpture Walk. Artwork will be insured by the City of Watertown for the duration of the loan. Artists are encouraged to have their own General Liability Insurance or must sign a waiver for the installation and deinstallation of their artwork. The city will provide limited assistance for installation and de-installation.

Sculptures must be suitable for long-term, outdoor exposure and fabricated and installed in a viewer-safe manner. Sculptures should also be installed in a way that is sensitive to the natural environment. Sculptures that need significant maintenance during the exhibition or that differ significantly from submitted images may be excluded.

The city will maintain the sculpture sites. The artist is responsible for maintaining their sculpture, in the event that maintenance is required. In the event that the sculpture is so damaged that it cannot remain in the Sculpture Walk, the artist will be responsible for removing the sculpture.

Sculptures should not exceed ten feet in height. Sculpture sites have a 6x6ft concrete pad available. If the footprint is larger, the sculpture will be placed on the ground. Artwork should not be intended to be climbed upon or require much physical interaction. Not sure if your sculpture meets these requirements? Email Liz Helfer at [email protected].

Site photos (StoryMaps):

Site photos (PDF):

See the current Community Sculpture Walk (StoryMaps):

All artists working in three-dimensional mediums are welcome to apply. All artwork must be original and complete at the time of submission. Artists may work or reside anywhere in the world, but selected artists must be available (either in person or virtually) for the Opening Reception and Artist Talk on Friday, May 10, 2024, from 5-6pm (EST). Applications from City of Watertown Employees and those working for the City in any capacity will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Politicized works will not be considered. Sculpture submissions that are perceived to be unsafe or untenable for long term installation will not be selected.

Tuesday, September 26 Call Opens

*Monday, October 23, 5-6pm Virtual Information Session *YouTube link below

*Thursday, November 2, 12-1pm Site Visit *date changed!

Sunday, January 7, 11:59pm Call Closes

Monday, January 22, 2024 Final Review of applications

January 23 – February 2 Artist Notification

April 29 – May 3 Sculpture Installation

May 10, 5-6pm Opening Reception with Artist Talks

How to Apply

You may submit up to three sculptures for consideration. Up to three images per submission.

Apply online through OpenGov:

Application checklist:

Up to three images per submission
Image List: Title, Dimensions, Materials, Year Completed
Artist Statement, should relate to the submitted artwork (1-2 paragraphs)
Artist Bio, about you (1-2 paragraphs)
Contact Information: Name, email, phone number, address
Optional: Website and social media links

Artist Selection

Sculpture submission will be reviewed using the following process and criteria:

Artists and their sculptures will be selected by a jury that includes the Public Arts & Culture Committee (PACC) and Watertown’s Public Arts & Culture Planner. Sculptures will be selected based on a review of images, image list, and the clarity of their associated artist statements. In the first round of consideration, submitted sculptures will be rated “safe” or “unsafe”. “Safe” sculptures will then be given a rating based on the criteria below. Top rated sculptures will be discussed by the PACC who will make a final selection of four sculptures, with input from the Public Arts & Culture Planner.


The sculpture was built to withstand outdoor display for two years.
The sculpture is engaging and/or compelling.
The sculpture contributes to a diverse and robust sculpture walk overall.

Contact + Info Sessions

If you need clarification about any part of the Community Sculpture Walk application, please contact Public Arts & Culture Planner, Liz Helfer.

Liz Helfer, Public Arts & Culture Planner
Community Development & Planning
149 Main Street, Watertown, MA 02472
617-972-6417 Ext: 12167

Information Session, watch the recording: