Vermont Arts Council

Auditions for BREAKFALLS at Vermont Stage

Auditions will be held on July 25th for BREAKFALLS, a new play written by Gina Stevensen and directed by Delanté Keys. The play was developed with the support of a 2023 Vermont Arts Council / NEA Creation Grant and will receive its world premiere at Vermont Stage as part of their upcoming season.

SYNOPSIS: Romance blooms, ideologies clash, and community forms at a karate dojo in Burlington, Vermont, as five strangers grapple with how to stay safe in an unsafe world. This is a World Premiere by a Vermont Playwright.


​Some martial arts experience is a plus, but is not required for any of the following roles. This play will have some choreographed moments, so we are seeking actors that are physically capable of basic movement work, including simple martial arts movements.

Martha – she/her, 40’s or 50’s, trans, nonbinary, or cis woman, several tattoos from different points in her life — razor wire, roses, a cartoon alien, probably more… she keeps them well concealed. Stoic and distant, but not because she doesn’t care — quite the opposite. The founder and owner of the karate dojo, Martha holds the weight of the world on her shoulders and will never ask for help. Oh, and you might not know it from looking at her, but she can absolutely kick your ass. Fourth degree black belt.

Charlie – she/her, 30’s, cis woman. Bubbly but timid, she cares a lot more about what other people think of her than what she thinks of herself. Her tendency is to shrink herself away from conflict and to apologize for literally everything, but she’s determined to make a fresh start. Deeply compassionate. She’s brand new to town and to the dojo, and has zero confidence in her capacity for martial arts. Begins the play as a white belt, ends as a yellow belt.

Joe – he/him, 50’s, cis man, faded tattoo of a mermaid with a woman’s name. Well-intentioned but blundering, an old-fashioned man with old-fashioned values. A talker, a showman, always trying to be the big guy in the room, plays up his martial arts experience but in reality he only took, like, seven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes and that was fifteen years ago. Underneath it all, he’s sensitive and confused, reckoning with his masculinity and desperate to connect with his increasingly distant teenage son. Begins the play as a white belt, ends as a yellow belt.


Please email Artistic Director Cristina Alicea at [email protected] with the role you are interested in, your place of residence, AEA status, and a headshot and resume to receive an audition time slot and audition location information.

Auditions will take place in person on July 25. Callbacks will take place on August 1st. If you are out of town, you may request to submit via video audition.


March 20-April 7, 2024 at Main Street Landing in Burlington, VT.


February 27, 2024 and run for three weeks through March 19, 2024.


In addition to rehearsals and performances, cast members will be required to participate in two exploratory workshops to further the development of the script. Workshops will take place over one weekend in late August, and one weekend in early November.