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Vermont Made Episode 8: The Joys and Pains of Rural Filming with WalrusDice Productions

“I think there’re very few places where it would’ve been possible to do this. Quite literally, Vermont’s handshake economy is a really strong asset.” -Liam O’Connor-Genereaux


Two of the minds behind independent film company WalrusDice Productions discuss their new feature-length fantasy adventure, The Butterfly Queen, filmed entirely around Ryegate, VT and releasing in fall 2022.

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The Butterly Queen was supported with an FY22 Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council. Vermont film enthusiasts may be interested to know that thanks to recent legislation, the Vermont Arts Council will be convening a Vermont Film and Media Task Force to study effective ways to cultivate the film and media industry in Vermont.

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“You get to say, ‘This was made here. This was us. That’s my kids’ foot right there in the edge of the frame, you can see it, as a stand in.’ All those little details, I think really matter. It’s something that everyone can put a piece into and see the results.” -Seana Testa

“This is the kind of filmmaking that I would like to do, which is based in Vermont, feeds off the network of artists and filmmakers that are here and really tries to make a go with independent filmmaking here in the state…I really love it here and I want to make filmmaking the way I want to do it a possibility.” -Liam O’Connor-Genereaux