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Vermont Made Episode 12: Queering Comics with Vermont Cartoonist Laureate Tillie Walden

“As a teacher, what I try to do more than anything is hold my student’s hand and be there for them, be a place for them to fall. Because that’s the best art advice around, which is that you can do it, and I believe in you, and it’s going to be okay even if it feels like it’s not going to be okay.” —Tillie Walden

Vermont Cartoonist Laureate Tillie Walden discusses her two Eisner Award-winning graphic novels, Spinning and Are You Listening?, her Cosmic Slumber Tarot deck, teaching at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and more.

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“I think that the land changing and adjusting to who I am is the most empowering thing possible, for a sad little lesbian in the corner of the room. You’re so powerful and special that this mountain is going to move for you. It’s going to move in reflection of your pain because your pain is so powerful, it can change the landscape. And now that I’m getting older, I really do think that the land does have scars and really does encompass a lot of who we are.”