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Vermont Made Episode 5: Founding a Feminist Outdoor Apparel Brand with SheFly

“We almost operated as more of a service at the beginning, because everyone was so excited about the idea. They were like, ‘Can you put these in my cross country ski pants or my hiking pants?'” —Georgia Grace Edwards, CEO


In this episode of Vermont Made, the co-founders of SheFly share how they invented pants that make it easy for everyone to answer nature’s call outdoors, and how they took their product from concept to prize-winning startup.

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“I spent time with women in mountain communities around the world, and learned a lot about what it means to be a woman in the mountains, or at least to not be a man in the mountains…There’s this whole additional market and group of people who have to deal with a lot of shame about exposing themselves at all, and a lot of danger. We realized that this product is really important, and that is part of what keeps me going every day. Understanding that we’re actually making an impact, we’re not just putting more clothes out into the world.” —Charlotte Massey, CMO


Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland, Georgia Grace Edwards (CEO) is an ex-Alaskan glacier guide, summa cum laude grad of Middlebury College, former Fulbright Fellow, economic consultant, and “yes woman!” Her parents first exposed her and her brother to the outdoors through summer road trips to become “Junior Rangers” at dozens of National Parks across the country. GG is psyched about getting more women outside to #AnswerNaturesCall.

Charlotte Massey (CMO) is a digital marketing professional and debate champion. As a Watson Fellow, she spent a year researching gender equity in the global mountaineering industry. She’s trekked on women-led expeditions to some of the world’s tallest peaks in Nepal, Chile, Argentina, and India (all in her SheFlys!). Charlotte grew up climbing and mountaineering in Washington State and is passionate about making outdoor spaces accessible for everyone.