Vermont. Arts. Everywhere.

Vermont. Arts. Everywhere.

April 28, 2015

Vermont Arts 2015 is well under way! There are currently more than a hundred events in the Vermont Arts Calendar with many more to come. Whether you’re interested in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Masterworks series at the Flynn, Vermont Vaudeville’s show in the Hardwick Town House, or the Bennington Museum’s new exhibit, you are sure to find something to enjoy. One ArtMail reader exclaimed, “Everywhere I look, I see a chance to be involved in the Arts!” Another said,  “I love the dynamic arts community and opportunity to see incredible performances and exhibits. There always seems to be something interesting going on in this state of the arts!”

Agreed! We had many other similar responses when we posed the question:

What Do You Love About the Arts in Vermont?Happy Girl lo-er

  • There is always something fun and art centered happening every weekend throughout the state. In addition, the local artists, musicians, writers and actors are present in their communities and often times are making a difference within the area in which they live. Whether it be painting community murals, teaching workshops or leading artist residencies in the schools, the artists of VT are everywhere! —Chester
  • Creativity is honored and nurtured in Vermont! —Waterbury Center
  • Whether theatrical, musical, visual or dance, Vermont arts are practiced with the heart of someone who is sure their contribution is appreciated.
  • Energy, creativity, connection! —Middlebury
  • I really love, most of all, how accessible the arts are to Vermonters. There’s so much for every taste! —Essex Junction
  • It is abundant. —Manchester Center
  • How awesome everyone supports the artists in the Mad River Valley!
  • Breadth.
  • In Vermont, I’m never starved for arts experiences because there are so many events from which to choose – lots of variety and top notch performers.
  • I love the spectacular variety of arts in Vermont.
  • They are always there for me.
  • Artists are encouraged and celebrated by their local communities. –Hartland
  • It’s everywhere I look! –Pawlet
  • Is the many, many opportunities for the youngest citizens to participate in arts all over the state! I love nothing more than watching children engage in creating and exploring art in museums, in schools and in places like malls and libraries! –Jeffersonville
  • The incredible diversity. –Highgate Center
  • You can meet a new artist every day! –Brattleboro
  • Such a diversity of arts events in a small state! It’s inspiring and encouraging. I live part time in the SF Bay Area and part-time in Southern Vermont (eventually full-time in VT), and I am so excited to be part of such a lively arts community! Can’t wait.
  • They are truly visible and participated in community wide.
  • Walk down Main Street – find an artists’ co-op. Hang out on the village green – listen to the town Band concert. Drive down a country road – spot a sculpture. Visit a farmer’s market – buy straight from the hands that shaped the pot. Take a class – create art yourself! –Bristol
  • I love the dynamic arts community and opportunity to see incredible performances and exhibits. There always seems to be something interesting going on in this state of the arts! –Charlotte
  • The arts get me out and moving around this beautiful state! –Richford
  • The arts are abundant and accessible. –Brattleboro

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kathy says:

The arts are appreciated here.

Jen says:

The Variety and Access to the artists!

Jan Smith says:

We feel that in a real sense, our company is part of Vermont Arts. We are a design, construction company and we are changing the landscape of Vermont by our designs, quality of construction and careful siting on the land so as to protect the beautiful scenic views all around the state. As marketing person, I would be proud to put your sticker on my car!!!

Patricia LaDuke says:

I am so looking forward to Open Studio Weekend !
Also, I am involved with Compass Music & Arts Center in Brandon.
We have had many students visit & I am always awed on there interest in the Arts & Music.
The need to continue this in Vermont is a contribution to them in there growth.

Thank you for all you do,
Patti .

Karen Geiger says:

I love the diversity of the arts in Vermont. From performance, to music and dance- long time honored traditions to new cutting-edge contemporary work. We explore any and all avenues to create. I additionally love the influence of place that shows up in so much work- we are connected to this land, and it shows in the work we do.

Sarah K. says:

I love seeing the wonderful diversity of artwork that comes through the gallery. Every exhibit is so different from the last, and each has something new to offer the viewer!

Brad Ruff says:

such a diversity of art forms offered, there's certainly something for everyone to find interest in.

Yvonne Smiley says:

The arts in Vermont are an important piece of who we are. We are encouraged here as individuals to express ourselves in many forms. The blessing of this expression through the arts is a wonderful delight to the senses shared by all.

Susannah Colby says:

I wanted to say that I love that Vermont is full of talented artists who share that love through dance, music and shows for everyone in this state to enjoy. There is never a dull weekend around here!

Cathy Bonnell says:

I love that Vermont produced Wendy Watson & inspired all her beautiful art & books!

Kate P says:

The arts in Vermont are COMPLETE! In every form, in every community, at all levels, and for everyone. What a place to live, and be inspired...

Kate P says:

The arts in Vermont are COMPLETE! In every medium, in every community, at every level. Daily inspiration!