Vermont Arts Council

Six-Word Quarantine Stories from the Creative Sector Forum

At the Creative Sector Response and Recovery Forum on May 11, Council deputy director Amy Cunningham asked participants to share “six-word stories” of their experience since the Covid-19 pandemic began. We selected some of our favorites to share here.

Do you have a six-word story about your quarantine to share? Tell yours on social media with the hashtag #quarantinesix, and tag us (@vtartscouncil) so we can share your story, too.

I fret. I run. I write.

Senator Becca Balint

Culture trumps strategy politics and despair.

Paul Costello

Planning not to plan. Reflecting, connecting.

Linda Hecker

Creatively engaging the community and beyond.

Nathaniel Vilandre

Working harder than ever for culture!

Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup

Dancing and words give me hope!

Representative Sara Coffey

Acceptance, exhaustion, resilience, brave new world.

Casey Blanchard

Arts build shared experience and meaning.

Paul Gambill

Anxiety, productivity? Time lost and found.

Rhonda Ratray

Unexpected gifts inside the slow pace.

Monica Callan

Discouraged, depressed, blocked, determined, hopeful.

India Tresselt

Excited, positive, overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Reed Prescott

Dancing dinosaur delivered us root beer!

Andrea Rosen

Nature is my COVID saving grace.

Fran Stoddard

Rollercoaster . . . sleep . . . eat . . . worry . . . regroup . . . repeat.

Teresa Davis

Artists with disabilities lead the way.

Laura Lawson Tucker

Wait wait… what day is it?

Natalie Miller

Content at home, Blessed Spring arrives!

Tracy Penfield

Going back to beginner’s mind—again.

Linda Mirabile

Cowriting plague songs on the phone.

Verandah Porche

Witnessing the Power of Love & the Human Spirit

Melinda Moulton

Streaming and dreaming for time together.

Allison Coyne Carroll

I was made for this moment.

Trisha Denton

I cried when the music stopped.

Joshua Collier

We encourage you to share your six-word quarantine story on social media. Use the hashtag #quarantinesix, and tag us on Facebook, Instagam, or Twitter.