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If You Can Read This…

If You Can Read This…

October 29, 2014

You are on the Vermont Arts Council’s new website.

This site amplifies the arts in Vermont. Colorful pages show the riches in our state–from excursions and festivals to¬† readings and exhibits. This is Vermont’s go-to place for information about the Council’s granting programs as well as resources for artists, schools, and arts organizations.

There’s more…

Stay informed through ArtMail and our featured stories. List your events in the calendar and find surprises in the classified ads. Create a listing for yourself in the arts directory. Take part in Vermont Arts 2015, and join the ranks of our membership.

Now, illuminate!

Shine a light on the arts in Vermont. Use the share tools at the top of this page to spread this story. Encourage everyone you know to Explore Vermont Arts.

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Juanita Boardman says:

wonderful resource

Nicole says:

The site looks GREAT! Bravo!