Vermont Arts Council

Arts Education Action Plan (2014-2018)

The Council's five-year plan to change the way the arts are used in Vermont schools (2014-2018).

The Vermont Art Council believes that every student in Vermont has the right to learn in, about, and through the arts. A student’s ability to actualize that right will, in large part, determine both their own creative futures as well as the cultural landscape of our state. The goal of this plan then, while ambitious, is simple: to turn that right from a talking point into a reality.

We believe that the best way to improve the status of arts education is to revise our thinking about it: arts education should not just be a valued part of a complete education, but rather a critical driver of education across disciplines. In essence, to increase student achievement, we propose to systematically change the way the arts are utilized in Vermont schools. The action plan contained in this document proposes a myriad of strategies to achieve this goal.

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Author: Vermont Arts Council