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Call for Proposals

Sessions at the Vermont Creative Network Summit

Held November 4-5, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier

The Vermont Creative Network announces its inaugural statewide conference Wednesday and Thursday, November 4 and 5, 2015, at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier. The two-day conference will bring together the diverse voices of Vermont’s creative sector: practitioners, educators, administrators, advocates, business owners, volunteers. This first convening offers colleagues from the entire creative sector an opportunity to network, to learn from experts, and to gather practical insights for work back at home.
Summit sessions are designed so that creative sector peers can explore ideas, exchange strategies, hear about initiative and developments that enhance Vermont’s general well-being and economy. Sessions focus on a variety of creative sector issues, such as community development, artist and civic engagement, data collection, leadership, resource development, and visibility.

What large themes will be considered at the Summit?

  • Models—Are there networks or network models that can inform the smart development of the Vermont Creative Network?
  • Emerging Projects—Are there collective projects currently underway that illustrate best practices?
  • Developing Resources—What tools exist to increase collective capacity? What leadership models support collective planning, implementation?
  • The Future—Because the Vermont Creative Network values sustainability, are there education practices to explore? How will the Network effectively engage young people?
  • What styles will the sessions take?
  • Panel—moderator and 2-4 other speakers address various aspects of a proposed topic. Session attendees participate only in Q&A.
  • Debate—moderator introduces subject and two debators who respond (pro and con) to questions from moderator. Session attendees participate only on Q&A
  • Five Best Ideas—a moderator introduces five speakers who present different aspects of a particular topic. Session attendees participate only in Q&A.
  • Roundtable—moderator presents subject and parameters, then engages session attendees in discussion for entire period. Optional Q&A.
  • Skills-building session—moderator introduces subject and engages participants in tasks and exercises. Optional Q&A.

What’s the format?

Each session is 90-minutes and is divided as follows:

  • For Panel, Debate, and Five Best Ideas: sessions will include a 40-minute presentation, a 20-minute Q&A, and a 30-minute networking/passage period.
  • For Roundtable and Skills-building: session include a 60-minute presentation and 30-minute networking/passage period. (The 60-minute presentation includes options Q&A.)

Wait! There’s one outlier format: Ignite!

A number of proposals will be selected to participate in a fast-paced, special 60-minute session divided into successive five-minute presentations (PechaKucha style, if you know…). If selected, your presentation would be for one five-minute slot in the Ignite! event.

What’s the Ignite! format?

Presenters speak for five minutes as a prepared set of slides advances at 15-second intervals (that’s 20 slides, required). At the conclusion of the presentations, a few moments for Q&A and a few crowd-sourced decisions.

Are there expectations for selected presenters?

  • Completed, correct application
    Timely response to pre-Summit information gathering
    Session leaders are also Summit participants and are expected to attend the entire two-day event.


Summit registration will be provided one session speaker/moderator and to the session coordinator (if not the speaker/moderator). There is no compensation for overnight or travel expenses.

Physical space, accessories

Selected proposals will be assigned to rooms suited to the session style, and according to audio/visual needs. Session rooms seat 10-100 people. Electricity is available in all rooms.

Proposal submission | deadline passed

Use this form to submit session proposals. Use this form to submit Ignite! proposals. Proposals will be accepted online only. Deadline for submission is Friday, September 4, 5 p.m. All applicants will be notified within two weeks after the deadline.


Contact Zon Eastes by email.