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Classified Ad: Call to Artists: Face It

Posted: October 8, 2021
Category: Calls to Artists
End Date: December 4, 2021


Studio Place Arts Call to Artists:
Face It

We are hardwired to look carefully at what other people's faces reveal -- the lines of age, a gamut of emotions, or even an attempt to disguise what's on their mind. Compelling portraits can reveal the inner qualities of their subjects. We want to share faces -- portraits, and self-portraits, abstracted and realistic, masked and unmasked -- that convey a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, emotions, and expressions. This show will include paintings, collages, assemblages, sculptures, and non-traditional media.

Deadline for Proposals: December 4, 2021
Exhibit Dates: January 25 – March 5, 2022
For submission info:

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