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Classified Ad: Published Commercial Artist and Fine Artist Homeless (1yr)

Posted: August 30, 2021
Category: Everything Else
End Date: December 18, 2021


Promising artist (recovering from stroke), actively employed, seeks housing in exchange for chores and perhaps a Trumploi? That is Working Artist John Henry's speciality. As is working in 24K gold leaf (altars/restorations), and large scale paintings that look like photography. He has been in temporary housing through a State Program that helped him become employed to gain retail skills which he has mastered - but he is a REAL master, a true classical artist who should not be living impoverished in an old hotel living on food stamps. Perhaps a philanthropic family would consider housing him in unused carriage house/pool house? Maybe a disabled citizen needs a roommate to just be there to report back to the family? How can we help poor John Henry who is an acclaimed artist whose works sell for 50K. It is disgraceful to see such honorable talent living in squalor. He once lived on a cot in a church as he restored the gold leaf and oil paintings to their original state and was much safer there in New Jersey. Now he is in Williston. If you have any ideas on how to help this talented Vermont Resident who is down on his luck - please help turn the fate of this wonderful soul towards the light. Thank you for supporting the arts -

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