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Classified Ad: Call for Curator

Posted: April 12, 2021
Category: Job Postings
End Date: April 24, 2021


Call for Curator – Public Art Gallery
Submittal Deadline: April 23rd

The South Burlington Public Art Selection Committee of South Burlington, Vermont is seeking to appoint a Curator for the new City of South Burlington art gallery, to be located in the South Burlington Public Library and City Hall, currently under construction at 180 Market Street in South Burlington, VT.

The Curator will organize an exhibition schedule that will present quality creative work that is appropriate for this public space.

The Committee is interested in appointing a Curator for one year, resulting in a minimum of four exhibitions spaced roughly 3 months apart. Appointments may be extended at the discretion of the Committee.

The Gallery is located on the ground floor along a hallway that bisect the building in an L, connecting the Auditorium to the Library, Senior Center, Clerk’s Office, public restrooms and Welcome Center. The hall begins from the Library entrance past the main Lobby and extends to the entry vestibule by the Senior Center (see floor plan below). The gallery consists of walls, generally white, with gallery rail, and adjustable track lighting.

The appointment is unpaid; however, the City is able to offer an annual $4,000 honorarium to be provided in 8 installments.

SBPAS Committee Expectations:

The Curator shall issue a competitive public call to artists; evaluate the responses; propose a collection of artists or single artist for each exhibit in accordance with the City’s adopted Gallery Policy to fill an annual calendar with a minimum of four exhibits and a maximum of six. The Curator shall produce for approval by the SBPASC, a statement of purpose for each exhibit and a presentation that summarizes the proposed work to be exhibited.

The Curator will represent the City and be responsible for all communications, contracts (in coordination with City Staff), and otherwise working with individual artists.

The Curator will be responsible for hanging each show (with the artist); providing guidelines for labeling, and designing, mounting and installing all the signage for the exhibit; coordinating with the artist to take down the show and remove all signage, and ensure the general condition of the gallery is maintained in good order.

The Curator will also be responsible for producing an outreach plan (with the Artist and the City), outreach collateral, such as social media cards or a postcard design that will be publishable for marketing purposes, and supervising all exhibit events. Professional printing and mailings would be dependent upon show sponsorship/the artist for funding.

The Curator will ensure that prices are not visible on the artwork; the artist, if the artist so chooses, may have a system that makes pricing accessible such as binders, price sheet, or QR code.

Tentative first exhibition start date: July 2021, Official Open Building Celebration.

Please submit the following information to Ilona Blanchard via e-mail with the following subject Public Gallery Curator by Friday, 2 PM, April 23rd:

• Letter of interest
• Resume/CV including:
o Education
o Past curating projects
o Bibliography of any articles written, grants received and/or awards

Committee Page: (has gallery policy)

Call with link to gallery floor plan: (has submittal link and gallery floor plan)

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