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Classified Ad: 2018 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons

Posted: November 5, 2017
End Date: February 22, 2018


TransCultural Exchange announces its 6th International Conference on Opportunities: Exploring New Horizons, heralded as “the single most exciting and productive art event . . . ever experienced. . . a fully interactive conference structure that provided a limitless number of opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas with residency directors, museum curators, and other artists and arts professionals. As a result, I was invited to participate in two international residencies and three exhibitions."

Tap into the unique international art network that is TransCultural Exchange.

Register pre-December 20th for three action-packed days and evenings for the $225. An amazing value (with accommodations as low as $25/night, including breakfast). Do not miss our fascinating panels, glamorous receptions and stellar line-up of critics, curators, residency directors and artists. Creating possibilities and opening unforeseen doors, this is the only Conference of its kind.

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