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Classified Ad: Call to Artists -- Village Art Walk @ steAmfest 2017

Posted: July 6, 2017
Category: Calls to Artists
End Date: August 31, 2017



September 29th, 2017 

Seeking artists, artisans and makers working in all media including but not limited to painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, video, sound, installation, projection and performance for both indoor and outdoor venues associated with new arts+innovation festival in the Village of Essex Junction.  Traditional and non traditional, low-tech and high-tech artwork that explores or involves the use of science, technology, engineering, or math will be considered. This STEAM focus is meant to highlight how art and aesthetics influence science and technology through the exhibition, however, it is not meant to limit submissions; in many ways all art involves some use of math or science. steAmfest 2017 is a free, community two-day arts festival and most exhibition locations will be open to the public Friday (4-10pm) and Saturday (10-4pm).


For more information and submission form, visit

$35 submission fee

Deadline: August 31st


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