Vermont Arts Council

Johanna de Graffenreid

Vermont Creative Network Manager
[email protected] | 802.402.4681

Johanna serves as the Vermont Creative Network (VCN) Manager. Her work centers around advancing the goals of the VCN Action Plan and building the capacity of the Network. This includes coordinating the VCN steering team and supporting six “creative zone agents” in organizing and network activities across Vermont. Contact her to get involved in the VCN team in your area!

Johanna has worked as a community organizer, advocate, lobbyist, campaign director, and popular education trainer for almost 20 years. Her passion is championing rural communities as places of powerful change and opportunity for all.

When not meeting with leaders in the creative economy, Johanna can be found exploring the dirt roads of Vermont while listening to country music, throwing herself up and down steep mountains (on foot and ski), or visiting one of the many nanobreweries her favorite state has to offer.

pronouns: she, her, hers

Desmond Peeples March 22, 2023