Vermont Arts Council

Will Kasso Condry

Will Kasso CondryWill Kasso Condry is a visual artist, graffiti scholar, and community muralist originally from Trenton, New Jersey. Will studied fine art and illustration at The College of New Jersey as a first-generation college student. He furthered his education in the art of aerosol painting with legendary graffiti artist Daniel “POSE 2” Hopkins. In Trenton, he co-founded Vicious Styles Crew, the city’s premier aerosol art production crew, and founded S.A.G.E. (Styles Advancing Graffiti’s Evolution) Coalition, a non-profit organization focused on inner-city beautification projects.

Will describes his life work as “using mural arts as a vehicle for community-building, activism, beautification, and healing.” He has taught courses on the Origins and Politics of Graffiti and Street Art and the Elements of Hip-Hop at Middlebury College, and elementary school classes on the art of illustration, puppet making, and mural painting. With his wife, Jennifer Herrera Condry, he built Juniper Creative Arts, a community mural and healing arts collective.

Desmond Peeples March 16, 2023