Vermont Arts Council

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina BrownSabrina Brown is the founder and owner of Woodstock Productions, co-founder of Interplay Jazz and Arts, and an actively performing jazz vocalist. She creates, coordinates, and orchestrates details of weddings, functions, workshops, and performances.

Sabrina previously served as executive director of Woodstock’s Pentangle Council on the Arts. She has planned and implemented strategies for marketing and operations for Pentangle as well as Interplay. Sabrina was also responsible for the start-up and ownership of two restaurants and a catering company in the Pacific Northwest where she was raised. She enjoys her large family, playing music, and working.

Sabrina references her own experiences when she refers to art as the fabric that weaves communities together. “Art — in all its forms — creates economic development, helps people find common ground, and brings awareness and joy to all who participate. Art is both timeless and timely, a meter to determine where we have been and where we are going. I have witnessed the life-changing power of art and have seen the benefits of arts organizations. It is extremely helpful to have structure like the Vermont Arts Council provides. This structure can act as both a cocoon/incubator and lasso/boundary for all that creative energy.”

Desmond Peeples March 16, 2023