Vermont Arts Council

Holly Groschner

Holly GroschnerHolly Groschner, retired CEO of Vermont PBS, made her career at the intersection of law, communications, and new technology.  Holly was a partner at Vermont’s Downs Rachlin & Martin, then built the legal department at Crown Castle International (NYSE:CCI) headquartered in Pittsburgh. Returning to Vermont in 2010, Holly served as General Counsel to the Vermont Telecommunications Authority, an agency that funded broadband and cell service facilities in rural communities. Joining Vermont PBS in 2015, Holly helped the station raise $56M in the FCC spectrum auction, revitalized the leadership team, and relocated the station to a state-of-the-art facility.  Focused on growing a digital media service for Vermont, she authored the merger of Vermont PBS and VPR (to be completed in July 2021).  Growing up engaged in art, music and theater, Holly is still “practicing.”  She believes the magic in Vermont’s communities is linked to the creative energy of the people who live here.

Desmond Peeples March 16, 2023