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Robin Perlah's Biography

Robin Perlah

Robin Perlah is a digital media artist and educator with a particular interest in photography and interactive systems. She is the program director for the master's programs in emergent media and assistant professor in the communications and creative media division at Champlain College. She teaches courses in emergent media theory and practice as well as in photography, image-making, and graphic design.
Robin is a commercial and exhibiting artist; her digital and photographic work has been shown regionally. Her other research and scholarship includes presentations on memory and digital interaction, interactive digital systems for museums and education, and a variety of topics around the intersection of technology and educational pedagogy. Prior to working at Champlain College, Robin was the co-chair of the design and creative media program at the Center for Technology in Essex. She also ran community art programs to support young people through art mentoring relationships and other activities. Additionally, she has a long career as a professional photographer and photo editor, specializing in commercial, portrait and event photography, and fine art printing.
Robin believes the arts and arts education are a valuable way to bring our state into the twenty-first century. “As a young person, art (perhaps literally) saved me. As an educator in a school that attracts students that often did not find success in a traditional school setting, I am constantly reminded of the power of art and design to change lives. I am also especially interested in the impact that new and emerging technologies and media solutions change how we think and interact with each other. I believe that technology and the connectivity that it allows can transform the arts in Vermont and allow us to become a powerful force well beyond the borders of our small state. What better place to do that then with the Vermont Arts Council?”