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Reeve Lindbergh's Biography

Reeve Lindbergh

Reeve Lindbergh, a daughter of aviator-authors Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, is the author of more than two dozen books for children and adults. Her work has also appeared in a number of periodicals and magazines including The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker and the Washington Post. Reeve has served on the boards of local, state, and national organizations including the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Board of Trustees, the Vermont State Library Board, the Charles A. and Anne  Morrow Lindbergh Foundation, and the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. She lives in Barnet, Vermont, with her husband, writer Nat Tripp, and enjoys visits from their children and grandchildren.

Reeve serves on the board simply to support the arts. “The arts offer so much strength to individuals, families, and communities in Vermont: local economies are enhanced, shared values are communicated and celebrated. At every stage of life, the arts represent the best of who we are and what we can do as human beings."