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Gail Nunziata's Biography

Gail Nunziata

Gail Nunziata is a retiree with decades of experience in arts administration and historic preservation. She has been executive director of Latchis Arts, Inc. and Latchis Corporation in Brattleboro. In that role, she helped the Latchis Theatre reach its full potential as a performing arts center and as a venue for the arts and culture. Gail previously worked beside noted architect and historic preservationist Leopold Berman preserving and restoring buildings on Brattleboro’s Main Street. She has a great deal of board experience and was in the original cohort to receive a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Marlboro College. Other educational experience includes time at the University of Stony Brook on Long Island and at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

“I appreciate the Vermont Arts Council’s commitment to artists and programming.  The Council also supports operating funds, cultural facilities, community development through the arts, and the need to address accessibility issues.  It is this holistic approach that makes Vermont fortunate to have the Arts Council operating on our behalf.  Grateful for having been on the receiving end of the Vermont Art Council’s expertise and support, I am proud to help advance this work.”