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Yasmin Tayeby's Biography

Yasmin Tayeby

Yasmin Tayeby is an Egyptian-American businesswoman, singer/songwriter, and owner of Meadowlark Studios. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in composition.

In 2010, Yasmin founded Nile Promotions in Cairo. In the U.S., Yasmin founded Izdahar, a nonprofit organization that focuses on cultural exchange between the MENA Region and the U.S. Izdahar has produced a number of events, including a tour for an Egyptian theater troupe, performances and workshops for a cellist in Cairo, and screening a documentary on the recent war in Libya.

Yasmin is excited to dive into the work of the Arts Council, and proud to be part of an organization that has given artists of all styles and variations a platform to showcase important works. “For such a small state, Vermont is rich with an artistic culture like no other, presenting just one of the many reasons I’ve chosen to plant roots here.”