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Nick Sherman's Biography

Nick Sherman

Nick Sherman is a partner at Leonine Public Affairs (formerly KSE Partners), a lobbying and public relations firm. He represents local and national clients in the health care, information technology, energy, and transportation sectors and manages media, political, and public relations campaigns.

Nick has been a songwriter and performer since high school and majored in classical piano at Sarah Lawrence College. He has worked as a singer and played keyboards, bass, guitar, and drums in a variety of bands. In 2006, Nick became interested in music production and has produced for musicians in Vermont and New England.

Nick feels honored to serve on the Arts Council's board. “The arts, and music in particular, have always propped me up and driven me forward through the challenges and adversity in life. I hope through my involvement with the Arts Council I can help others feel empowered by art, whether they are creating or enjoying it."