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Edmond Strainchamps's Biography

Edmond Strainchamps

Edmond Strainchamps is professor emeritus of music history and theory at S.U.N.Y./Buffalo and holds an appointment as resident scholar at Dartmouth College. His education was at Columbia University, where he earned three degrees before he went into teaching (principally at NYU, Rutgers, and S.U.N.Y.), which he combined with musicological research and publishing as a career. His publications include five books and a number of scholarly articles. He is now at work on a new book and is under contract for a large bibliographical essay on the Renaissance madrigal for Oxford Press.

He was for some years active as a serious jazz musician in Europe and the U.S., but ultimately he preferred to make a career in academia, which is a good deal more stable and challenging. He has lived in both France and Italy and has returned to Europe, most often to Italy, for the sake of research into music and culture in the small princely courts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (especially those of Mantua, Ferrara, and Florence). His research has been funded by a variety of grants, the most notable of which was a two-year appointment as a Fellow of Villa I Tatti, the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence.

He lives in the mountains in central Vermont where, in addition to his research and writing, he follows contemporary jazz closely, reads a good deal, likes good food and wine, and is an assiduous enthusiast for professional tennis. His commitment to all of the arts stems from his long-held belief: “The arts provide consolation and clarification in our lives as nothing else can. They are, furthermore, the gateway to reasoning and intelligence and are vital to each of us for our growth to full maturity.”