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BiB Alumni News for June 14, 2017
Information, opportunities, and resources 
for working artists
Nonprofits garner support at events like silent auctions. Artists can also benefit from the exposure to new patrons.
To Donate or Not to Donate?
Summer is fundraiser time. Maybe you have already been asked to donate your artwork for a nonprofit's event. Is it a good idea?
It is wise to understand the disadvantages of donating artwork and how to navigate them - like the IRS rules about artists' tax deductions for artwork recently featured in the New York Times. It is good business sense to use a donation to your advantage.
Gain exposure. Be sure to include information about yourself to display with the art. Attach a business card or brochure.
Build relationships. Donating to worthy causes shows you are a community-minded, thoughtful artist. But be sure the mission and values of the organization you are working with align with your own. In some ways, you endorse their work by giving yours.
Don't overcommit. Set a limit for how much work you will donate in a year. When you reach it, let people know they can ask again next year.
Suggest a purchase. Encourage the organization to buy the artwork from you directly. Then, make a cash donation of the same amount to the organization. This results in a net-zero expense for the organization as well as a gain in understanding the value of your work.
Get a receipt. Any donation to a 501(c)(3) should be acknowledged by a thank you note and tax receipt. Keep this letter and receipt for your own records and for filing your taxes.
Photo courtesy of Creative Music Photography.
Alumni Spotlight: Dee Kalea  
Dee Kalea's photographs are in the spotlight lately. Dee has been making photographs of jazz musicians for more than 50 years, but recently both Seven Days and the Times Argus featured her work.

Dee has also been invited to contribute her work to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, and has launched a campaign to raise printing and framing costs on IndieGoGo. Cheer her on, watch her progress toward her goal, and spread the word!
Featured Artist Opportunity 
Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center provides a fellowship program. Full-time visual, performing, or multi-disciplinary artists and writers whose professions directly relate to their artmaking practice are eligible. For more information, visit the Karmê Chöling website.

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