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Spotlight Gallery

In-house Exhibits by Vermont Visual Artists

The Arts Council's gallery is open to the public and located in the corridor and conference room of the offices at 136 State Street in Montpelier. Exhibits generally run for a two-month period. There are times when the conference room is not available, but the corridor exhibit is always open during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Opening September 2, 2016

Symbolic Landscapes by Elizabeth Nelson

Artist Statement

In January 2012, I started a series of "Symbolic Landscapes" inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the "I Ching" (or "The Book of Changes"). My work has always referenced the landscape of northern New England and this series continues that exploration, but with an interior dimension of symbols and geometric juxtapositions. Incorporating chance — even into the procedure — I throw coins to choose a hexagram each time I start a painting and contemplate the result as I think or dream an image. When the 64 paintings are all finished, they will be placed in numerical order, but for now I paint them as they happen to come up.
"The Book of Changes" is at least 2,500 years old, and was originally used as an oracle. Eight trigrams were conceived as images of the continual transitions in heaven and on earth. When the eight trigrams are combined with one another, there is a total of sixty-four signs. There is the suggestion for right action for each situation. This allows the individual to share in shaping fate, making it possible to become independent of the tyranny of events. As long as events are in their beginnings they can be controlled.
It is also a book of wisdom. Change is perceived as the continuous transformation of the one force into the other and as a cycle of connected phenomena subject to the universal law, Tao. Every event in the visible world is the effect of an image, an idea, in the unseen world, the immutable, eternal law at work in all change. In discerning the seeds of things to come, we can foresee the future to understand the past.

The opening reception for “Symbolic Landscapes” will be held Friday, September 2 from 4 to 7 p.m. The exhibit will be up through October 28.

More about the show

Elizabeth Nelson's website

"On Sicily"

Through August 26, 2016

Viajes (Travels)
Watercolors by Amanda Amend

Artist Statement

My husband and I have traveled widely, both during our early careers as performing musicians and during my second career as a language teacher. Traveling and living abroad shifts perspectives on the world as one is steeped in thousands of years of history and begins to see through other people’s cultural points of view.  In a sense though, we all travel the instant we see a scene that lifts us out of our daily experience. Now, living in Vermont, there are countless of these moments. Looking through a historic barn window into generations of collective memory, struck by the light streaming through broken boards, drawn across the waters as the sun sets, all of these experiences here in our beautiful state are as rich as the reflections on the waters of a Venetian canal. These are moments when we experience ourselves as small pieces of a greater body, or we feel ourselves expanding into and melding with the scene, able to simultaneously be inside our skins and see from a greater viewpoint. My role as an artist is to convey a glimpse of these moments of Mystery.

About Amanda

Amanda Amend is an artist, linguist, and musician, whose career path has taken her from her native state of California, across the U.S., and abroad.  After a career in music, followed by teaching English and Spanish language learners in Spain, Mexico, and at Saint Michael's College, she retired to dedicate herself to watercolor painting.

Amanda is largely self-taught. In her nine years of painting she has participated in exhibitions throughout the state, earned signature membership in the Vermont Watercolor Society, and won awards in the 2013 and 2014 Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibitions and in the Northern Vermont Artists’ Association. Her work is in private collections throughout the country.

More about the show

Amanda's website


Exhibiting Your Work

The next call to artists will open in the last quarter of 2016.

Artists chosen for exhibition receive a detailed floor plan and special instructions for hanging work to be fully accessible. Art is displayed in two spaces in the building: the conference room and the main corridor. The work hangs from a picture rail; approximately 20 average size paintings (or other two-dimensional media) can be hung. The exhibit should fill both spaces.

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