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Spotlight Gallery

In-house Exhibits by Vermont Visual Artists

The Arts Council's gallery is open to the public and located in the corridor and conference room of the offices at 136 State Street in Montpelier. Exhibits generally run for a two-month period. There are times when the conference room is not available, but the corridor exhibit is always open during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

"Northern Pacific"
Charcoal, watercolor, and casein on clayboard. 48 x 36

Gabriel Tempesta: Landscapes and Wildlife

Artist Statement

This show represents a mix of older and newer work. The newer work being produced within the last month specifically for this show. The older works are more developed pieces that represent what I call "painting" and are generally a mix of watercolor and charcoal or casein and many hours at the easel. The newer pieces are "drawings" using mostly dry media: charcoal, raw pigment, and powdered pastel applied with smudge sticks or brushes and occasionally wetted down to allow for greater flow or softening.

The older paintings are a cross section of the kind of artwork I have been producing since taking a break from illustration 6 years ago. They include two remaining pieces from my Bumblebee Series which I received a creation grant for in 2012/13.

In my more recent work I am trying to think a little less and allow the creative process to unfold more organically from photos I have taken throughout the last 6 years. I am also experimenting with a softer touch in the spirit of a slightly out of focus photograph as well as subtle tones of pigment. In some ways this treatment is more realistic to my mind in that the impressions received in nature are fleeting and ephemeral and we're often left with a memory that is soft around the edges rather than sharp and definite.

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Exhibiting Your Work

The next call to artists will open in the last quarter of 2016.

Artists chosen for exhibition receive a detailed floor plan and special instructions for hanging work to be fully accessible. Art is displayed in two spaces in the building: the conference room and the main corridor. The work hangs from a picture rail; approximately 20 average size paintings (or other two-dimensional media) can be hung. The exhibit should fill both spaces.

Past Exhibits

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