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Robin Perlah's Biography

Robin Perlah

Robin Perlah is a digital media artist and educator with a particular interest in photography and interactive systems. She earned a bachelor's degree in art education from the University of Vermont and a master's degree in emergent media from Champlain College. Robin works an adjunct instructor of design, photography, and digital media at Champlain College and also co-directs the graphic design and creative media program at the Center for Technology in Essex--a full day technical program for high school juniors and seniors. The graphic design program enables high school students to experience a high level of agency and success as they run through a two year hands-on design curriculum culminating with a busy in-house design studio, where students work with real clients from the non-profit and education sector.

Robin won’t understate the value of the arts and arts education as a way to bring our state into the 21st century. “As a young person, art (perhaps literally) saved me. As an educator in a school that attracts students that often did not find success in a traditional school setting, I am constantly reminded of the power of art and design to change lives. I am also especially interested in the impact that new and emerging technologies and media solutions change how we think and interact with each other. I believe that technology and the connectivity that it allows can transform the arts in Vermont and allow us to become a powerful force well beyond the borders of our small state. What better place to do that then with the Vermont Arts Council?”